EagleStar Consulting
"Since I started working with Paulette, my business start up has gone from difficult and uncertain to focused and fun. Paulette's collaboration, knowledge, and clear insight have been invaluable. Working with Paulette was the best business decision I ever made."
Scott Laux, Owner, Custom Designed Spanish Instruction, Boise, ID

"Paulette is an amazing career consultant. I recently had the chance to participate in her "Discovering and Marketing You, Inc.". She has a high energy approach to her teaching that keeps you involved the entire time. Her class is packed full of good and very useful information that will serve anyone that is in a career transition. If you are ever in need of help trying to find your new path in life look up "Eaglestar Consulting" and get enrolled in one of her classes. (You WON'T be sorry you did.)"
Mark (Thornhill) Robinson, Boise, ID

"Paulette is a wonderful business and personal coach. She has taken me to a higher place in my career and personal life. A gem of information I will never forget is: to look at your goal and do one thing everyday to help achieve that goal. Profound! This was extremely powerful in my sales career and my personal life. I worked really hard for two of my goals. Purchasing my home after digging out of financial crisis and buying my new car. I have achieved many of my sales goals using this technique! Paulette, Thank you! You are a wonderful coach and friend."
Sherri Swihart Sales Representative, Computer Stop, Nampa, ID

"Paulette was my career coach after retiring from Hewlett-Packard in 2007. She took our group through a very structured process to move us into a new chapter in our lives. Even though I had in my mind what I was going to do, Paulette actually got me to pause (no easy task), reflect, and rethink some of my Marketing strategies, one of which was joining a BNI chapter. This has been a significant part of my post HP development and my ongoing success in running my own business. In a short amount of time Paulette mentored me out of some bad habits for which I am continually thankful. She has impacted my life as I am sure most of those who have had the opportunity to experience a moment of enlightenment with her. I highly recommend her for any of your coaching needs."
Neal Silva, Boise, ID

"I've known Paulette since the mid 1990s.  Over the years, as periodically needed, her guidance has been invaluable in helping me heal my career and my life in general.  Her experience is vast, her skill is extraordinary, and she as a person is remarkably kind and professional.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone whose life is not in good order for whatever reason; she's virtually a miracle-worker."
Jeanne Browne, New York, NY

"Wow! Paulette is hands down the best career consultant I have met! She really helped me get the job I wanted and deserved. She is terrific!"
Dan Stratton, Salt Lake City, UT

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Paulette on a business and personal level for around 6 years. She provides a variety of consulting and counseling services. In every field that I have talked with Paulette about, she is an absolute professional and filled with experience, wisdom, and insight.

As a person, you will not find anyone with more integrity, compassion and understanding. A friend like Paulette is rare to come by."
Jon Colson, Owner, Colson Enterprises, Boise, ID

"Paulette is a good friend, and a teacher to me. From the first day I meet Paulette in BNI she welcomed me with open arms and a kind heart. Paulette was my first choice as an officiant when I decided to get married. As an Ordained Interfaith Minister she took both of  us in her house and helped guide us in the process of picking vows and putting together the celebration of marriage. She performed a beautiful and memorable ceremony, keeping the process simple to understand and easy to follow even when the unpredictable happened and things changed mid stream.  Later, as things have changed in my life she has always been there to lend an ear and give advice when asked for. She has a heart of gold with a kind and caring personality to go with it. I would recommend Paulette any day of the week hands down for anyone in need."
Joe Sibert, Owner, Core PC, Nampa, ID

"I'm not sure who would not benefit from Paulette's career consultation. Paulette provided me positive, life-changing career advice/coaching/guidance that I only wish I had gotten years earlier."
Steve Carlson, Eagle, ID