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How do Q-Link© Products Work?
Q-LinkA growing body of research describes the term “Biofield” as the area that extends beyond the physical body. The biofield is a vital force that animates our bodies and powers our daily lives. When our biofield is out of balance, we’re out of balance.

Q-Link products support the body’s innate intelligence, energetic systems and capabilities – working like a series of optimally vibrating tuning forks to constantly resonating with, tune, enhance and support the body’s own natural healthy frequencies.

Though every wearer’s response to Q-Link products is unique, the most commonly reported benefits include:
  • Heightened energy, vitality, stamina awareness and consciousness
  • More rapid return to centered emotional balance
  • Enhanced physiological (physical, athletic, mental, spiritual) performance and output
  • Increased well-being and quality of life
  • Deeper more restful sleep
90 Day Guarantee
Q-Link products for your Body and Space are designed to balance and clarify your energies and are shown to reduce the effects of stress on your mind & body and improve your performance.
From utilitarian to luxurious – there’s a model for everyone.

Choosing the Right Q-Link© Product
How do I know which Q-Link® SRT product best suits me?

Deciding which Q-Link SRT product is best for you relates to your style preferences, lifestyle, budget and a consideration for what you feel you will utilize most often. SRT works for you only when you are using it, so it is in your best interest to pick a product that fits most easily into your daily routine and one that you will use most consistently.

For many, Q-Link Pendants are the most popular choice, as they're easily worn, even while sleeping, with little if any removal necessary. All pendants may be worn facing either direction, inconspicuously under clothing or outside a shirt or blouse as a fashion statement, with equal effectiveness. For others, Q-Link Bracelets are a better choice, including for those who would rather not wear a pendant. Some individuals prefer still other ways of utilizing SRT, such as the Q-Link Belt Buckle. Both casual and professional computer users choose the USB powered Q-Link Nimbus™ (either as their primary SRT product but more often as an addition to their wearable SRT product), which improves the condition of their environment - enabling them to be more productive, efficient and more resilient to EMF stress.

What is the difference between SRT-2 and SRT-3?

Both SRT-2 and SRT-3 contain the same beneficial energy supporting/clarifying/enhancing frequencies. What differentiates them is how quickly and robustly those frequencies are delivered to the wearer.

SRT-3 enabled Q-Link products deliver the most responsive support to the user and are recommended for those regularly immersed in stressful and/or performance demanding environments/circumstances, including:
  • When you are regularly exposed or in close proximity to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and EMF rich environments such as computer workstations, offices with intrusive fluorescent lighting, long auto commutes or air travel, mobile phones, power sub-stations, communications towers or satellites or exposed to other invasive electrical equipment or electronics.
  • When you are making a conscious effort to improve your well-being or excel at a discipline such as yoga, martial arts, fitness, meditation,  etc.
  • When performance and output are important. Examples include athletes, musicians, writers students, teachers, business professionals, office workers, law enforcement, active parents, airline pilots, IT professionals, etc.
SRT-2 enabled Q-Link products meet the needs of more casual users who are minimally exposed to direct EMF and in less stressful, less performance oriented situations and environments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Q-Link© Products
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