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Paulette is a Visionary and Messenger of the Divine who has incredible gifts of spiritual intuition that have given peace, truth and love to thousands.  Her contributions are endless and constant as she helps seekers connect and perhaps, reconnect to their Inner Wisdom, to the Source of all things, to the Divine.

She effortlessly assists, connects and transitions others to gain insight into their life’s work and the work of their heart and Spirit.

Ignite Joy NowPaulette speaks the truth of spirituality and lives with a knowing that there is connection with all things.  She is solidly grounded in knowing that all is always in Divine Order and that We are truly One.

She is the published author of "Ignite Joy Now!  Lighting the Flame of Optimism in Your Life Every Day".  The message of the book is that if one person ignites joy in another person and that person ignites joy in another person and so on, joy will be ignited around the world like wildfire.

As The ambassador of Joy, Paulette is changing the world, one joy at a time!

Join the Ignite Joy Now! movement and be part of changing the world one joy at a time.

Ignite Joy Now!

"Gratitude is one of the great keys to experiencing more joy, love, peace and abundance in life. Using this journal will cause you to focus on gratitude as well as how to more fully serve others in simple day-to-day ways. As a result your life will become more effortless and joyful."

- Jack Canfield, Co-Author of the Best Selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul
and the Success Principles.

"Author Paulette Esposito truly is an Ambassador of Joy as she guides you into a beautiful new way of approaching each day. Ignite Joy Now! will help you develop a healthy habit of optimism."

- Deborah Sandella PhD, award-willing author, international speaker and
originator of the RIM Method, a cutting-edge mind-body way
of quickly accelerating success.