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The RIM® Method ––Regenerating Images in Memory––is a powerful mind/body technique that dissolves emotional blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs minimizing individual suffering and maximizing internal resources, so that you really can live healthy, vibrant and successful lives.

Many traumas and blocks that keep you from moving forward personally and professionally can be eliminated, including difficulties with weight loss, procrastination, relationship issues…the list is limitless. In many cases The RIM® Method offers immediate relief from stress and the emotional blocks that get in the way of accelerating your evolutionary journey whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. This technique has been found to reduce stress-related illnesses and increase quality of life.  You can accelerate your healing and give yourself greater peace and happiness.

As a Certified Professional RIM® facilitator, Paulette will guide you through the RIM® Process which will explore the connection between Mind and Body. The technique gently allows you to directly communicate with your subconscious, intuitive mind and help you tap into your own inner wisdom and uncover and discover the answers you seek.

Paulette’s own spiritual journey has helped her become particularly in tune with Spirit/The Universe/The Divine – whatever name you give your “higher self.” She helps people understand and explore their connection to this power.  If you feel disconnected from your inner self and/or this universal power, if you want to break through the blocks that have been holding you back from life, an intuitive counseling session using The RIM® Method may be the key to your journey.

Each session can be completely independent of other sessions, however, 3-5 sessions are recommended.
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