EagleStar Consulting


Paulette is dynamic, powerful, and captivating. An expert in the field of success training and motivational speaking, she truly connects with her audiences, engaging them with her storytelling, creating for them an environment of understanding, and inspiring them to action. She will leave you and your audience feeling enthusiastic, confident, and positive.

Depending on what you and your organization or group need, Paulette can customize her presentation for you. Paulette has given motivational speeches at college commencements empowering graduates to step into their futures.  She has inspired unemployed workers, as well as given keynotes in seminars, workshops and in corporate and non-profit settings. She has spoken in front of small, intimate gatherings as well as to audiences in the hundreds.


Paulette is a multi-faceted trainer and master teacher who has conducted hundreds of workshops. She has created many private, customized seminars for corporations and organizations. Her custom designed workshops can be tailor-made to suit the needs of any group.


Discovering and Marketing You, Inc – An intense 2-day workshop for anyone who is unemployed, underemployed, or unhappily employed. In this workshop the participants learn to successfully navigate the uncertain world of career search by assessing their transferable skills, exploring their values, developing a powerful resume that works, and creating a marketing strategy.  Additionally they will learn networking techniques to uncover the hidden job market as well as interviewing and negotiating.

Mastering the Art of Success  - A 1-day workshop that teaches participants how to discover, create and embrace success in their lives. This workshop is based on the best-selling Jack Canfield book, “The Success Principles,” and the results are powerful and profoundly life changing.

Other ½ day workshops available include Resume Writing, Networking, Interviewing Skills, and The Art of Negotiation.


Imagine yourself spending quality time tapping into your inner wisdom and gaining insight into your life’s work.  Using many unique tools, Paulette will guide you to achieve the balance you need to reach for the stars uniting your vision with infinite possibilities.  You will come away re-energized, and empowered.  You will experience profound insights and growth as Paulette leads you through life-changing experiences and gives you practical steps to move you toward your innermost goals.  The venues are tranquil and peaceful.

Retreats and gatherings can be custom designed for specific groups.


Sometimes in life, a group of people needs a neutral third party to understand their situation, diagnose underlying group issues, and intervene to help them improve how they communicate, make decisions, and solve problems. This, in turn, increases the effectiveness of each member of the group. The ultimate in team building.  Paulette is a Master Facilitator and has facilitated one-time problem solving meetings as well as regular weekly/monthly meetings resulting in more cohesive group dynamics.

Paulette has also facilitated women’s circles, spiritual groups, and family meetings. She can help you create dialog when, possibly, there was none. She helps groups collectively gain wisdom, insight and ultimately solution.